Master of Money Management

About Us

MoneyMavericks is a financial services partner that specialises in financial education. Our aim is to assist our subscribers and the public, to navigate the financial landscape.

Allow us to take you on a journey of understanding and demystifying your financial world, to help you to build wealth and financial security.

Money Mavericks understands that you do not have the time to plough through reams of jargon and fine print to learn about money; so we have designed a series of easy to read info graphics, edgy articles, mini e-books and quizzes to help you learn smart money rules and concepts quickly.

The maverick believes that in order to effectively use financial products and services, people need to understand how they work and see how it relates to their lives.

MoneyMavericks will also assist you to get the best financial products available by presenting you with options that suit your circumstances and budget.

We have teamed up with the most trusted brands in South Africa to bring you a one stop solution.

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